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Info on this Website

Welcome to - your online #1 resource for the detailed dimensions of all types of vans. This website aims to help you find any dimension for a specific van. It may help you plan your van conversion or purchase.

Why does this website exist?

I've created this website when I was planning my own van conversion. It's really hard to find the specific measurements of different vans for the interior, especially when you're researching older vans. That's why I've decided to create an online resource for different types of panel vans. I hope this information is useful to you. If so, please consider subscribing to my mailing list, or link to my website and help out others as well.

Where do I get my dimensions?

I make sure my measurements are as precise as possible. Mostly, I get the data from the manufacturers themselves: they publish a (complicated) brochure and conversion manual on each model, which you can find online for newer models. But for older models, you have to do some digging. If I can't find any official documentation, I ask knowledgeable mechanics and converters to provide me with measurements, which most of the time they're happy to do. So all of the sizes you'll find here are either: (1) specs provided by the manufacturer, or (2) data provided by experts and owners.