What are the dimensions of the Mercedes Sprinter (2006-2018)?

Example of a Sprinter
2nd generation Sprinter Van - L3H3

If you're looking for this Sprinter's interior dimensions, you're in the right place. I've actually found the load area size. Let's get specific.

This article will be useful if you're looking for specifics. For example, you're planning something big, let's say you're gonna rack out the Sprinter for professional use. You'll find everything you need below. I first give the dimensions in text, and then in tables.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Mercedes Sprinter cargo space is 2600mm (L1), 3265mm (L2), 4300mm (L3), and 4700mm (L4).
  • The interior width of the Sprinter Van is 1780mm and the exterior width is 2426mm.
  • The interior height of the Mercedes Sprinter is 1740mm (H1), 2030mm (H2), and 2260mm (H3).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 3250mm (SWB), 3665mm (MWB), and 4325mm (LWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1350mm.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Mercedes Sprinter cargo space is 102.4" (L1), 128.5" (L2), 169.3" (L3), and 185" (L4).
  • The interior width of the Sprinter Van is 70.1" and the exterior width is 95.5".
  • The interior height of the Mercedes Sprinter is 68.5" (H1), 79.9" (H2), and 89" (H3).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 128" (SWB), 144.3" (MWB), and 170.3" (LWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 53.1".
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More Details on the MB Sprinter Van

The 2006 Sprinter is the second generation Sprinter Vans, made from 2006-2018. Check out the third generation here. The Sprinter is Mercedes-Benz's light commercial vehicle. It's the follow up of the first generation Sprinters, which was made from 1995โ€“2006. The Sprinter family originated from the famous TN and T1N (Transporter Neu), also called the Bremer. In this series we find the 207 D / 307 D / 407 D.

The Sprinter is wildly popular for its reliability and is often used as a taxi cab. Some taxi drivers claim they've driven up to 1.000.000kms in this van!

Example of a Sprinter

Dimensions in tables

Outside dimensions of the Sprinter:

Exterior L1 L2 L3 L4 Width
Exterior length (mm) 5245 5910 6945 7345 2426
Exterior length (inch) 206.5 232.7 273.4 289.2 95.5

All models of the Mercedes Sprinter have the same interior and exterior width: 70.1" or 1780mm (interior); and 95.5" or 2426mm (exterior).

Interior dimensions of the Sprinter:

Inside dimensions L1 L2 L3 L4 Width
Interior length (mm) 2600 3265 4300 4700 1780
Interior length (inch) 102.4 128.5 169.3 185 70.1

Maximum floor surface:

Max. floor area L1 L2 L3 L4
Square meters (m2) 4.6 5.8 7.7 8.4
Square feet (ft2) 49.8 62.6 82.4 90.1

Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches.
The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1350mm, or 53.1".

Mercedes Sprinter roof height:

Roof in millimeters H1 H2 H3
Interior height (mm) 1740 2030 2260
Exterior height (mm) 2530 2820 3050
Roof in inches H1 H2 H3
Interior height (inch) 68.5 79.9 89
Exterior height (inch) 99.6 111 120.1

Wheelbase distance:

Wheelbase short (SWB) medium (MWB) long (LWB)
Wheelbase length (mm) 3250 3665 4325
Wheelbase length (inch) 128 144 170

Door measurements:

Doors Side door Rear door
Door width (mm) 1300 1565
Door height (mm) 1520 1540
Door height H2 (mm) 1850
Side door Rear door
Door width (inch) 51.2 61.6
Door height (inch) 59.8 60.6
Door height H2 (inch) 72.8

More Info on Dimensions

If you want to know...

  • why there's a difference in exterior and interior width
  • what L1 or H3 means
  • how to read measurements
  • or why dimensions matter

... I encourage you to read my post on how to understand van dimensions.

Example of a Sprinter
Rear of the 2nd generation Sprinter Van, after it's facelift - L3H3

Can you stand up in a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

Standing up in an empty van

The interior roof height of a Mercedes Sprinter is 1740mm (H1) - 2030mm (H2) - 2260mm (H3) .
If you are of medium height (178cm or 5"10') you can't stand up in a Mercedes Sprinter H1. But you can stand up in a Mercedes Sprinter H2 and up.

What happens if I insulate the van?

Are you planning on insulating and cladding the floor and roof? In that case you can't stand up fully in a Sprinter H1. But you would still be able to stand up in a H2 model and up.

What's a Sprinter Van high top?

Mercedes provides their Sprinter Vans with both high and low tops. High tops are elevated roofs to provide more headroom. Generally, everything above H2 is considered a high top, and should offer sufficient space to stand up fully.

Are You Planning Van Racking or Van Conversion?

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Floor plans

If you want to get started sketching immediately, you might want floor plans for this model Sprinter Van. Check out our floor plans here.

Cockpit of the Sprinter 2nd gen

Are Sprinters good camper vans?

Yes, they are often used by professional camper conversion companies for their top lines. They are too expensive for the budget lines though. Sprinters are, in comparison to let's say the Fiat Ducato, pretty large.

For example, the Sprinter L3 is as large as Fiat's L4. But the Sprinter L1 is one of the shortest vans around. This versatility makes it a great conversion van. An L3H2 model should give you up to 8m2 - which is used for the back of a modern van.

A fully fitted Merc camper van: great looking van - L3H2
Check out this wonderful semi-integrated camper Sprinter - a real piece of work

Some Useful Resources for Owners

If you own a Sprinter van, or planning to buy one, and you want to know more about your Sprinter, make sure to check out the following resources:

Related Questions

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter LWB? The wheelbase length of the Mercedes Sprinter LWB is 170" (or 4325 mm). There are two long wheelbase models: long (L3) and extra long (L4). The total exterior length of the L3 is 273.4" (or 6945 mm), and that of the L4 is 289.2" (or 7345 mm). The load areas are 169.3" (or 4300 mm) (L3) and 185" (or 4700 mm) (L4) long.

How tall is the inside of a Sprinter van? The second generation Sprinter vans come in three roof heights: H1, H2, and H3. The interior height of the H1 is 68.5 inches (or 1740 mm). The standing height of the H2 is 79.9 inches (or 2030 mm). The total interior height of the H3 is 89 inches (or 2260 mm). Please note that these heights are from floor to roof, not including the ribs.

How tall is the tallest Sprinter van? The interior height of the tallest Sprinter van is 89 inches (or 2260 mm). The exterior height (or clearance) is 120.1 inches (or 3050 mm). This is the roof height H3. The second tallest roof height is the H2. This model's interior height is 79.9 inches (or 2030 mm), and the exterior height is 111 inches (or 2820 mm).

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