What are the dimensions of the Ford Transit (2014-on)?

Example of a Transit
A Ford Transit 2015 model, 5th generation in the size H2L2

If you're looking for specific dimensions for the Ford Transit van, you're in the right place. In this post I'll give you internal dimensions, roof heighths, wheelbase size, etc. While working on my own panel van conversion, I found it's quite difficult to find specific dimensions. That's why I summarized them on this page.

This page will be helpful when you're converting a van into a camper van, or when you're planning the layout for your new corporate van.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit cargo space is 3200mm (L1), 3650mm (L2), and 4374mm (L3).
  • The interior width of the Transit van is 1786mm and the exterior width is 2113mm.
  • The interior height of the Ford Transit is 1445mm (H1), 1829mm (H2), and 2070mm (H3).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 3300mm (SWB), and 3750mm (MWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1392mm.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit cargo space is 126" (L1), 143.7" (L2), and 172.2" (L3).
  • The interior width of the Transit van is 70.3" and the exterior width is 83.2".
  • The interior height of the Ford Transit is 56.9" (H1), 72" (H2), and 81.5" (H3).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 129.9" (SWB), and 147.6" (MWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 54.8".
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First, more on the Transit

The Transit is a light commercial vehicle and one of the oldest panel vans around. Ford makes these things since 1965!
It's one of the best selling vans of all time.

The first generation was introduced in 1965 and looked absolutely stunning (scroll down for a picture).
This is the fifth generation of the Transit Van, made from 2013 - present.

Fun fact: Transits come with a bigger engine in the U.S. than the rest of the world. Americans get a 275-hp V6 3.7L instead of a 180-hp 3.2L engine.

Dimensions in tables

Outside dimensions of the Transit:

Exterior L1 L2 L3 Width
Exterior length (mm) 5585 5981 6703 2113
Exterior length (inch) 219.9 235.5 263.9 83.2

All models of the Ford Transit have the same interior and exterior width: 70.3" or 1786mm (interior); and 83.2" or 2113mm (exterior).

Interior dimensions of the Transit:

Inside dimensions L1 L2 L3 Width
Interior length (mm) 3200 3650 4374 1786
Interior length (inch) 126 143.7 172.2 70.3

Maximum floor surface:

Max. floor area L1 L2 L3
Square meters (m2) 5.7 6.5 7.8
Square feet (ft2) 61.5 70.2 84.1

Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches.
The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1392mm, or 54.8".

Ford Transit roof height:

Roof in millimeters H1 H2 H3
Interior height (mm) 1445 1829 2070
Exterior height (mm) 2123 2738 2797
Roof in inches H1 H2 H3
Interior height (inch) 56.9 72 81.5
Exterior height (inch) 83.6 107.8 110.1

Wheelbase distance:

Wheelbase short (SWB) medium (MWB)
Wheelbase length (mm) 3300 3750
Wheelbase length (inch) 130 148

Door measurements:

Doors Side door Rear door
Door width (mm) 1300 1567
Door height (mm) 1260 1257
Door height H2 (mm) 1648
Door height H3 (mm) 1887
Side door Rear door
Door width (inch) 51.2 61.7
Door height (inch) 49.6 49.5
Door height H2 (inch) 64.9
Door height H3 (inch) 74.3

More Info on Dimensions

If you want to know...

  • why there's a difference in exterior and interior width
  • what L1 or H3 means
  • how to read measurements
  • or why dimensions matter

... I encourage you to read my post on how to understand van dimensions.

Example of a Transit
A 2014 Ford Transit rear view - again a L2H2

Can you stand up in a Ford Transit van?

Standing up in an empty van

The interior roof height of a Ford Transit is 1445mm (H1) - 1829mm (H2) - 2070mm (H3) .
If you are of medium height (178cm or 5"10') you can't stand up in a Ford Transit H1. But you can stand up in a Ford Transit H2 and up.

What happens if I insulate the van?

Are you planning on insulating and cladding the floor and roof? In that case you can't stand up fully in a Transit H1. .

What's a Transit van high top?

Ford provides their Transit vans with both high and low tops. High tops are elevated roofs to provide more headroom. Generally, everything above H2 is considered a high top, and should offer sufficient space to stand up fully.

Want Floor Plans for Easy Layout Planning?

If you want to get started sketching immediately, you might want floor plans for this model Transit Van. Check out our floor plans here.

Can you sleep in a Transit van?

Yes you can. But you have to place your bed lengthways: it won't fit sideways, unless you're shorter than average. Please take into account that the width of the cargo area is the widest available width from side to side. Mostly this is at the floor or the belt.

A van isn't straight.

And if you're planning on insulating the van, well, retract at least another 10cm from the width, giving you a width of 1686mm, which is not a good bed length in my opinion (unless you're 1,68cm, then it's just right - and you should definitely get a sideways King-size in there).

First generation Ford Transit as a camper

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