Detailed Dimensions for the Fiat Scudo (2007-2016)

The (interior) dimensions for the Fiat Scudo are pretty hard to find. But I've found them and will share detailed dimensions with you in this very article.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Fiat Scudo cargo space is 2254mm (L1), and 2584mm (L2).
  • The interior width of the is 1600mm and the exterior width is 2194mm.
  • The interior height of the Scudo is 1449mm (H1), and 1449mm (H2).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 3000mm (SWB), and 3122mm (LWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1245mm.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Fiat Scudo cargo space is 88.7" (L1), and 101.7" (L2).
  • The interior width of the is 63" and the exterior width is 86.4".
  • The interior height of the Scudo is 57" (H1), and 57" (H2).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 118.1" (SWB), and 122.9" (LWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 49".
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Correct dimensions for: Citroën Jumpy Citroën Dispatch Peugeot Expert Fiat Scudo Toyota ProAce (from 2013 onwards) Production years: 2007 - 2016 Generation: 2 Type of van: com_panel

More Info on the Scudo

The Scudo is a full panel, but a small cargo van. It's popular as an MPV or as a work van for independent contractors. They are also converted to camper vans - more on that later.

The Fiat Scudo is a part of the Citroën Jumpy family from 1995 onwards. They share the same measurements since they are the same platform. The only real difference is the front end (grille, headlights, and so on). For this generation, it also shares dimensions with the Peugeot Expert, and from 2013 onwards, with the Toyota ProAce. So all these vans are practically the same in dimensions. The manufacturers will, however, use different engines and interior options.

This particular model is part of Fiat's second generation (Mark II), which was built from 2007 - 2016. After 2016, the Fiat Scudo and the Jumpy no longer shared the same platform. The Scudo got replaced by the Fiat Talento, which is a rebadged Renault Trafic. You can find both of those in our database as well.

There is a first-generation as well, built from 1995 - 2006 (Mark 1). For this generation, Fiat and Citroën shared the same platform also.

Dimensions in tables

Outside dimensions of the Scudo:

Exterior L1 L2 Width
Exterior length (mm) 3805 5135 2194
Exterior length (inch) 149.8 202.2 86.4

All models of the Fiat Scudo have the same interior and exterior width: 63" or 1600mm (interior); and 86.4" or 2194mm (exterior).

Interior dimensions of the Scudo:

Inside dimensions L1 L2 Width
Interior length (mm) 2254 2584 1600
Interior length (inch) 88.7 101.7 63

Maximum floor surface:

Max. floor area L1 L2
Square meters (m2) 3.6 4.1
Square feet (ft2) 38.8 44.5

Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches.
The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1245mm, or 49".

Fiat Scudo roof height:

Roof in millimeters H1 H2
Interior height (mm) 1449 1449
Exterior height (mm) 1942 1942
Roof in inches H1 H2
Interior height (inch) 57 57
Exterior height (inch) 76.5 76.5

Wheelbase distance:

Wheelbase short (SWB) long (LWB)
Wheelbase length (mm) 3000 3122
Wheelbase length (inch) 118 123

Door measurements:

Doors Side door Rear door
Door width (mm) 924 1237
Door height (mm) 1293 1272
Side door Rear door
Door width (inch) 36.4 48.7
Door height (inch) 50.9 50.1

Load floor height:

Variant Metric (mm) Inches
Unloaded 604 23.8"
Loaded 562 22.1"
Air suspension - Unloaded 499 19.65"
Air suspension - Loaded 490 19.3"

Fiat Scudo As a Camper Van

This small cargo van is also being converted to compact camper van. I don't know how I would fare in one of these (I really like to be able to stand up inside my van). They are low and you won't be able to stand up in them. But because they are so small, they offer great mileage and are very economical in every way.

Most of these conversions are built by creative DIYers and not by professional conversion companies. For example, this couple. It's in Italian, but we can still watch the video!

Great Resources

If you're an owner, or are thinking of buying one of these vans, here are some good additional resources for you to check out.

History of this model

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