Van conversion

Which Van Has The Most Cargo Space? (For 3 Budgets)

Written by Jim Belt

When looking for a new work vehicle or a van to convert into a camper, it can be incredibly challenging to determine which van is the ideal fit for you. One of the most important aspects you should consider when deciding to purchase a cargo van is how much cargo space it has. If you know how much cargo space a van has, you can establish if it will suit your needs and requirements.

The 7 Best Vans to Convert to Campers (UK Specific)

Written by Jim Belt

For years I have been utilizing my converted camper van in the United Kingdom. Camping and traveling have always been an important aspect of my life. Although I am now happy with the van I decided to use at the beginning of my camper conversion journey; I was very confused when faced with all the options. It’s often difficult to determine the best vans for camper conversions, even if you have …

Ultimate Van Conversion Buying Guide: Best vans to live in

Written by Jim Belt

As I'm looking for my own dream van to start my #vanlife, I've developed a coherent and sound system for evaluating vans (- yes, I know, it's sad, but I'm that sort of guy). I'm learning on the fly, but after checking out hundreds of vans, driving dozens of all sorts and types (really), and talking to vanlifers, mechanics, and enthusiasts, a couple of important points stuck with me. And now it's …