Dimensions for the Ford E150, E250 and E350 (2008-2015)

Example of a E-Series

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When looking for the interior dimensions of the Ford E-Series, it's all over the place. I needed these dimensions for my own camper van conversion, so I thought I'd share them here.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford E-Series cargo space is 3084mm (L1), and 3617mm (L2).
  • The interior width of the Econoline is 1870mm and the exterior width is 2692mm.
  • The interior height of the E-Series is 1369mm (H1), and 1377mm (H2).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 3505mm (SWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1334mm.


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford E-Series cargo space is 121.4" (L1), and 142.4" (L2).
  • The interior width of the Econoline is 73.6" and the exterior width is 106".
  • The interior height of the E-Series is 53.9" (H1), and 54.2" (H2).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 138" (SWB).
  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 52.5".
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Correct dimensions for: Econoline Club Wagon E150 E250 E350 Production years: 2008 - 2015 Generation: 4 Type of van: cargo Also known as:

More information on the Ford E-Series

This model, and these measurements, are correct for the Ford E150, E250, and E350. These models only have small differences in dimensions, and mainly have different springs, brakes, and power trains, increasing their towing capacity.

The Ford E-Series has been produced since 1961, with four generations in total:

  1. 1961-1967
  2. 1968-1974
  3. 1974-1991
  4. 1992-present

In the fourth generation, there have been four new body updates. This one is the latest and has been produced from 2008 onwards.

It's one of the most popular commercial cargo van every produced, holding a very large market share (up to 80% in the U.S.) up until the Ford Transit took it over in 2015.

Difference between E-150, E-250, E-350

At first, I thought that the E-Series' nameplates (E-150, E-250, E-350) indicated the different body length options. That's not true. The 150 series is the regular model, and the 250 and 350 are Super Duty models. That means they have better springs, better breaks, and better towing capacity.

For a full overview of the differences, check out my article here.

The main difference between the three is their towing capacity, just like with the F-Series.

All models come in just two lengths (regular and extended) and one roof height (!). They are all built on the same chassis, so you only get one wheelbase length to choose from. Not a lot of range to choose from dimension-wise. But as a conversion-style van, this van could work very well.

Pros and cons of the E-Series:

Pros Cons
Compact full-size van Just two body lengths
Widely available (U.S. & Mexico) No longer made
Cheap parts (in the U.S.) High mileage
Affordable No high top models
Lot's of kits and conversion options Just one wheelbase length

Dimensions in tables

Outside dimensions of the E-Series:

Exterior L1 L2 Width
Exterior length (mm) 5504 6005 2692
Exterior length (inch) 216.7 236.4 106

All models of the Ford E-Series have the same interior and exterior width: 73.6" or 1870mm (interior); and 106" or 2692mm (exterior).

Interior dimensions of the E-Series:

Inside dimensions L1 L2 Width
Interior length (mm) 3084 3617 1870
Interior length (inch) 121.4 142.4 73.6

Maximum floor surface:

Max. floor area L1 L2
Square meters (m2) 5.8 6.8
Square feet (ft2) 62.1 72.8

Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches.
The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1334mm, or 52.5".

Ford E-Series roof height:

Roof in millimeters H1 H2
Interior height (mm) 1369 1377
Exterior height (mm) 2093 2098
Roof in inches H1 H2
Interior height (inch) 53.9 54.2
Exterior height (inch) 82.4 82.6

Wheelbase distance:

Wheelbase short (SWB)
Wheelbase length (mm) 3505
Wheelbase length (inch) 138

Door measurements:

Doors Side door Rear door
Door width (mm) 1138 1369
Door height (mm) 1224 1257
Side door Rear door
Door width (inch) 44.8 53.9
Door height (inch) 48.2 49.5

Load floor height:

Variant Metric (mm) Inches
E150 Regular (L1) 711 28"
E150 Extended (L2) 726.44 28.6"
E250 Regular (L1) 795 31.1"
E350 Regular (L1) 749.3 29.5"
E250 Extended (L2) 800 31.5"
E350 Extended (L2) 754.4 29.7"

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Are E-Series good camper vans?

The Econoline could be a good camper van for people that don't need to stand up in their van. However, it's important to note that these vans only come in a low-roof model, and there aren't a lot of high tops out there. There are some custom high-top models, like this camper van.

Conversion Vans

There are plenty of E-Series Conversion van models out there, like the one above. They are pretty popular and there are all kinds of models out there. The conversion vans have modular camper van interiors, making them ready to go out on the road immediately.

Can you stand up in a Ford E-Series model?

No, you can't. There are only low top models available. If you're lucky enough to find a high top model, it was built by a custom shop, or someone's DIY project, as Ford didn't built them. Some conversion vans or old ambulances have high tops, but again, you have to get lucky.

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Related Questions

How wide is a Ford Econoline?

The interior width of the Ford Econoline is 73.6" (or 1870mm) at the beltline. The exterior body width of the Ford Econoline is 79.4" (or 2017mm) excluding mirrors, and 106" (or 2692mm) including mirrors. These dimensions were used from 2008 - 2015. The dimensions for other generations and body models vary somewhat.

What year did Ford stop making the Econoline van?

Ford stopped producing the passenger and cargo van models of the Econoline Series in 2014. Since 2015, Ford only provides stripped chassis and cutaway cab models of the E-Series. The successor of the E150, E250, and E350 is the Ford Transit.

Why did Ford stop making the E Series?

Ford stopped producing the E-Series because of a variety of reasons. The demand for smaller vans declined, while the demand for larger vans increased. Due to higher gas prices, consumers expected better fuel economy. At the same time competition from imported (European) vans, which were larger and more fuel-efficient, increased.

Did Ford make a 4x4 Econoline?

Ford has never produced a 4x4 Econoline. There are, however, 4x4 models available. Several conversion companies offer to fit the Econoline with a 4x4 drivetrain. For example, Quigley, Agile Offroad, or DIY kits like Ujointoffroad. These companies replace the suspension and drivetrain and modify parts like the gas tank to create the clearance needed.

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