Dimensions for the VW Transporter T6 California (2016-on)


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Volkswagen Transporter T6 cargo space is 2572mm (L1).
  • The interior width of the is 1700mm and the exterior width is 1904mm.
  • The interior height of the Transporter T6 is 1410mm (H1).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 3000mm (SWB), and 3400mm (LWB).


  • The interior dimensions (length) of the Volkswagen Transporter T6 cargo space is 101.3" (L1).
  • The interior width of the is 66.9" and the exterior width is 75".
  • The interior height of the Transporter T6 is 55.5" (H1).
  • The wheelbase lengths are 118.1" (SWB), and 133.9" (LWB).
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Production years: 2015 - present Generation: 6 Type of van: cargo Body style: Panel Also known as: Volkswagen T6.1 (facelift) Beach Coast Ocean

Dimensions in tables

Outside dimensions of the Transporter T6:

Exterior L1 L3 Width
Exterior length (mm) 4904 5304 1904
Exterior length (inch) 193.1 208.8 75

All models of the Volkswagen Transporter T6 have the same interior and exterior width: 66.9" or 1700mm (interior); and 75" or 1904mm (exterior).

Interior dimensions of the Transporter T6:

Inside dimensions L1 L3 Width
Interior length (mm) 2572 2975 1700
Interior length (inch) 101.3 117.1 66.9

Maximum floor surface:

Max. floor area L1 L3
Square meters (m2) 4.4 5.1
Square feet (ft2) 47.1 54.4

Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches.

Example of a Transporter T6

Volkswagen Transporter T6 roof height:

Roof in millimeters H1 H3
Interior height (mm) 1410 2300
Exterior height (mm) 1990 2477
Roof in inches H1 H3
Interior height (inch) 55.5 90.6
Exterior height (inch) 78.3 97.5

Wheelbase distance:

Wheelbase short (SWB) long (LWB)
Wheelbase length (mm) 3000 3400
Wheelbase length (inch) 118 134

Door measurements:

Available door options:

Side doors Rear doors
Slide Hinged Barn Tailgate
x x

Side doors measurements:

Sliding door measurements

Sliding door Regular Large
Door width (mm) 948 1011
Door height (mm) 1247
Door width (inch) 37.3 39.8
Door height (inch) 49.1

Rear doors:

Rear tailgate door measurements

Tailgate door Regular
Door width (mm) 1438
Door height (mm) 1262
Door width (inch) 56.6
Door height (inch) 49.7
  • Side door opening width 1 is the electric model.
  • Side door opening width 2 is the manual model.

Load floor height:

Height Metric (mm) Inches
Minimal loading sill height 566 22.3
Maximum loading sill height 568 22.4

Turning circle:

Turning circle Kerb-to-kerb (m) Kerb-to-kerb (ft)
Short wheelbase 11.9 39

Miscellaneous dimensions:

Dimension mm inch
Front overhang 908 35.7
Rear overhang 993 39.1

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